New Release-The Kite by Sridhar Shankar

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It’s always wonderful to celebrate a new story, as it rises from the ashes of the hours spent working the words into some semblance of the image we see and hear in our mind’s eye. Some stories touch our hearts, and we can see, touch and feel, as if we were there.

Sridhar Shankar has written a beautiful tale that will touch your heart.sri

The Kite is a wonderful tale of a boyhood experience. Suman faces new challenges when he visits his grandparents in India. He attempts to make friends and learns tough lessons about being bullied. This story isn’t for children. The Kite is for all people, who empathize with the need of companionship. It’s a story for those who have had to reach out for help from other people to survive. A story for people who have struggled with the difficult task of sorting out new and confusing things in our lives.

The Kite is an uplifting story that crosses all borders and leaves a message felt by all people.

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The Kite by Sridhar Shankar

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The Kite eBookCoverThumbnail