Blinded Sight (A Lacie Wingate Mystery) Kindle Edition

by Barbara Lipe (Author)

eBook Blinded Sight

Detective Lacie Wingate is haunted by the death of a young prostitute. She promises the girl protection from her pimp if she will testify against him in court. The girl agrees but he is released on a technicality. Later, in a random encounter, Lacie kills the pimp. Internal affairs ruled the shooting, self-defense. Still, she can’t convince herself she, unconsciously, made the decision to go for the kill instead of just wounding him.

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Blinded Sight paperback book by Barbara Lipe


I just finished Blinded Sight by Barbara Lipe. I loved it! Its twists and turns keep you in suspense right up until the very end. I was impressed by the detail and knowledge of Barbara as she led me through this riveting mystery. The visuals were excellent. I could see, hear, taste and feel where ever this author took me in this story. Great job Barbara, give us more books soon!
Noel Barton
Author of Watch for the Whirlwinds

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